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Human-Scale. Public Relations Agency established by Marie-France Vodikulwakidi in 2008. 


Passionned. In the game since 2006 and still loving it! From Party Organizer to MTV Presenter and PR Account Manager to Social Media Influencer.  The path of Marie-France is unusual.


Creative problem solver. Regularly consulted by brands and agencies for her field experience in FestivalsFashion and Lifestyle.


Polyglot. Marie-France, the storyteller, speaks 5 languages fluently including English, Dutch and French. Her experience in Flanders, Brussels and abroad got her familiar with linguistic and cultural nuances.


Networker. Interactions and connections serve as the backbone of her accomplishments. This “born communicator” gained the trust of key players in various communities and industries thanks to her glass half full mentality.


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“Comment créer un réseau à Bruxelles?”


PR Strategy

Influencer Marketing

Media relations

Content Creation 

Product Placement

Guestlist Management