#Codotsdinners x #PointAlbert

I meet tons of people everyday from different backgrounds. I always wanted to gather them in order to create some synergies.

My friend Arno Verbeke owns an amazing place called Point Albert, one of the best caterer in Brussels.  It has a ‘table d’hôte’ that makes it even more cosy, homey. We decided to join forces and organize the #codotsdinners #pointalbert.

Over 40 people came over. Most of them came to Point Albert for the first time and loved the fact to get to know people from different industries. Some of our guests even started working together. I love to ‘Connect The Dots’.

IMG_4396 IMG_4497 IMG_4513

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Levi’s Lot 7

I’ve been approached by Levi’s to become one of their ambassadors for the Lot 7 series. 5 other creative ladies were on board for this campaign. Oona Smet (photos) and Louise Mertens (artwork) did a an amazing job! Being part of this campaign meant so much to me. The launch took place at the Pony Club in Antwerp.



11998811_1080997598579741_7551855491201624119_n - copie


11903951_10153447749430837_6633858063220680456_n - copie


LN Knits Photoshoot

Ellen Kegels is a young entrepreneur from Antwerp, she is involved in Fair Fashion and works with women from Peru. We’ve travelled to Saas-Fee, Switzerland to shoot the collection of LN Beanies, a part of the winter collection of her brand LN Knits.

LN Beanies shoot


I w.a.n.t s.n.o.w n.o.t r.a.i.n! ❄️ #waitingforwinter

Une photo publiée par Ellen Kegels (@lnknits) le

Today was a good day! #LnBeanies #Photoshoot #SaasFee #Switzerland #JeffSelfieStick

Une photo publiée par Marie-France Vodikulwakidi (@marifrancepr) le

It’s Pimm’s o’clock

Pimms background

Pimm’s teamed up with Butik and Connect The Dots to relaunch the brand in Belgium. The dots have been connected with the press, influencers and on social media. We have worked really hard on this project and it was worthy since the results are outstanding!

De Morgen, De Morgen Magazine, Elle Belgique, Het Laatste Nieuws, Belmodo, Public, L’Avenir, Het Nieuwsblad, Weekend Knack, Weekend Le Vif, Flair, Le Soir, Sudpresse, Zoute People and the Standaard have talked about us.

Here is a snippet of our results.

Capture d’écran 2015-12-08 à 17.57.49

Capture d’écran 2015-12-08 à 18.31.44

The Milkyway Pressdays

The Milkyway Pressdays

Ruth Van Soom and I decided to join forces in April and organize a pop up press days: The Milkyway.

Our goal was to help small designers, brands to have some visibility. We also wanted to get back in touch with the press and influencers. All this wouldn’t have been possible without Misha from  who lended us his place, the Selfedge showroom and the brands which trusted us: Brixton, Clae, Elisa Lee by Leonie, KRJST, Kroot, Supra, Goosecraft, Journal, Neuw Denim, Religion, Heidi Klum Intimates, LN Knits, Madame Volt, Nimzu, Just Julia, & Roberto Collina.

Let’s not forget the partners that helped us to bring our event to the next level.

Francesco & Julia, Jet Import, D-Drinks, Kolonel Koffie & Karim Lachenani

All the great pictures have been made by Ilja Sura Changlor Smets.




Ikea Street Art Event

Ikea art event 2015

I’ve been asked to host the Ikea Street Art event in Dutch (for the very first time). The Belgian artist BUE has been asked to put a piece of his work on their building, it’s the very first time they have allowed an artist to do such a work.

Eastpak She Wears

Irina kha

Eastpak asked Connect The Dots to organize a city trip for them in Liege. An opportunity to get to know the city better through inspiring women and share a nice experience with the press and influencers.

We’ve passed by the following adresses:

L’appartement : Mobile expo in an appartement with local talents. Host: Pupa Biasucci

Visit of the Liège Guillemin station. Host: Virginie Honvoh

Meeting at Montagne de Bueren, one of the highest place in Liège.

Visit the atelier of Delphine Quirin who designs hats and accessories and is sold all over the world.

Visit of Wattitude, a shop gathering food, fashion & design made in Wallonia. Host: Emmanuelle Wegria

Lunch time with the team at Le Dernier Ragot, that has the reputation of serving one of the best ‘boulet de Liege’, a local speciality. Host: Marine Lequet

Visit of one of the most attractive fashion boutique of Liege, Irina Kha, a family business. Host: Morgane Lindenberg

Visit Hotel Neuvice, her hotel, located in three historic buildings formely the residence and working place of Diderot, Voltaire,… Host: Gaëtane Leroy

Tasting at Une Gaufrette Saperlipopette, a small bakery with a recipe from the old days with fresh products. Host: Benedicte Goffin

Melanie hunted the best chocolate in the world to produce her own creations for Carré Noir. Host: Melanie Lemmens

Together with her compagnon , they own Restore design, an atelier that produce design object made with recycled material. Host: Jessica Berger

More info on the EASTPAK website or broke #shewears on instagram.

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My feature on Vlisco Facebook Page

“Marie-France (@marifrancepr) is originally from DRC and works as a PR Consultant in Belgium. For a long time she thought Vlisco fabrics would only suit traditional happenings. But when she saw that more and more designers and celebrities used African print fabrics, she decided to create her own custom-made outfit: ‘This dressing gown was made by a Congolese tailor. I can combine it with everything, it’s cool, it’s funky and nobody has the same outfit!’

You’re absolutely right Marie-France. Thanks for sharing!

Also check out @wearemitch, her instagram account and definition of streetwear & inspiring people.” Check the original post here.

My feature on Vlisco