The Milkyway Pressdays

The Milkyway Pressdays

Ruth Van Soom and I decided to join forces in April and organize a pop up press days: The Milkyway.

Our goal was to help small designers, brands to have some visibility. We also wanted to get back in touch with the press and influencers. All this wouldn’t have been possible without Misha from  who lended us his place, the Selfedge showroom and the brands which trusted us: Brixton, Clae, Elisa Lee by Leonie, KRJST, Kroot, Supra, Goosecraft, Journal, Neuw Denim, Religion, Heidi Klum Intimates, LN Knits, Madame Volt, Nimzu, Just Julia, & Roberto Collina.

Let’s not forget the partners that helped us to bring our event to the next level.

Francesco & Julia, Jet Import, D-Drinks, Kolonel Koffie & Karim Lachenani

All the great pictures have been made by Ilja Sura Changlor Smets.





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