LN Knits Photoshoot

Ellen Kegels is a young entrepreneur from Antwerp, she is involved in Fair Fashion and works with women from Peru. We’ve travelled to Saas-Fee, Switzerland to shoot the collection of LN Beanies, a part of the winter collection of her brand LN Knits.

LN Beanies shoot


I w.a.n.t s.n.o.w n.o.t r.a.i.n! ❄️ #waitingforwinter

Une photo publiée par Ellen Kegels (@lnknits) le

Today was a good day! #LnBeanies #Photoshoot #SaasFee #Switzerland #JeffSelfieStick

Une photo publiée par Marie-France Vodikulwakidi (@marifrancepr) le

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